Friday, April 22, 2011

*wonderful life* and *wonderful life oner~upper*

hi ninjas!! we released our april kit earlier this month,, we have ONE left of the *wonderful life oner upper* and a few or the *wonderful life* main kit!!! theyre amazing!!!!
love, ally & nely

Monday, March 7, 2011

*redemption song*

two new kits have hit the shop!!! *redemption song* and *redemption song oner upper*. the oner upper kit is packed with extra goodies and, if i do say so myself, its a great buy!!! you get five more embellishments for just ten bucks more!!! oh my!!!! happy shopping!!!
love, ally & nely

Thursday, February 3, 2011

*love fool*

the newest addiction has been released,,, *love fool* now in our adorable etsy store ~ and we are having a valentines special,, enter coupon code ninjalove to receive 15% off your order,,,
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*glitter in the air*

hey!!! youre still there?? nice to see you,, just wanted to share out newest kit over at the addicts,,, *glitter in the air*,,, isnt it dreamy?? we love it,,,
love, ally & nely

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

prompt #51~ gracias,,,and farewell,,

happy wednesday!!,, the wednesday before thanksgiving,,so I'm sure you are all running around getting those last items at the grocery store!! We the pink ninjas wanted to bring you our LAST prompt, gracias,, (meaning "thanks" in english).

Ally and myself started this project a little over two years ago. We wanted a spot where we could draw inspiration from. But we knew we wanted something fun and edgy, more fitting to our personalities,,cause we were ninjas that loved to scrapbook. Let me tell you, this has been one incredible ride for the two of us!!,, this inspiration blog surpassed all of our dreams and expectations,, and it's how our newest adventure, pink ninja addicts was created. But now has come the time to close this inspiration blog down,,,and who knows, stand by because we might come back in the future!! So, we couldn't find this prompt more fitting, because we wanna give thanks, thanks to everyone that played along with our blog,,thank you for fueling it and making it feel warm and cozy. We loved seeing all of your work and reading all of your wonderful comments. You all became a part of our lives and we cherished each and every one of you!!,,thank you, thank you, thank you,,

Now, I wanna introduce a guest designer we had for this month! She is one talented ninja!! Get to know her a little better and check out her amazing layout!!!

Krista Eisert

1 - where do you live?? in a small town of 800 people near Madison, WI

2 - favorite etsy shop?? I love... love Etsy! I really can't pinpoint one shop, but I love Etsy shops with crochet patterns because they are pretty cheap and you get it almost instantly.

3 - what did you do last night?? I spent the night with my wonderful sister crocheting and scrapping. We had a lovely time!

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, I have plenty. Right now my biggest girl crush would have to be Taylor Swift. I love how bold she is and how she is able to write songs about her utmost personal life. Plus her lyrics make great titles for scrapbook pages.

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, fun question! I have two tattoos... for my 18th birthday I got a tattoo of a star burst on the back of my neck. And just yesterday, my dad, sister, and I all got tattoos for my dads birthday. I got three little birds on my wrist.

6 - wal-mart or target?? Target for sure!

7 - tell me something random about yourself. I am a terrible backseat driver!

8 - in which era do you belong?? This era... I love technology.

9 - first kiss?? haha. Does in the first grade on the shoulder count? I was putting books in my locker and a boy came up and kissed me on the shoulder. I didn't like this boy and thought it was the worst thing ever. It's funny that I actually remember this story.

thank you again, we love you all!
nely & ally

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

prompt #50~throwback,,,

it's time to throw it back!!,, back to when we were wee tots or wore something that you wouldn't dare be caught in now!!,,show us what you got!!


love~the pink ninjas!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prompt #49-let's play dress up,,,

in the spirit of halloween,, another fun prompt for you!,, lets play dress up!!,,give us a link so we can send you some love!!!

love, us, the pink ninjas!!!

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