Wednesday, May 27, 2009

welcome to the pink ninjas baby!!

whats up chickys?!?!? so glad you came by ~ i mean ~ thank you ~ like a lot!!! hi, im ally and nely and i have come together to create a little inspiration bloggie blog. here we will create weeky challenges posted on wednesday of every week and we are hoping to inspire you. but first things first, we need a little design team action. we need a group of chickys {actually dudes are totally rad too} that wanna commit to creating weekly concepts with us and do it because we love scrapping. since it isnt a challenge blog, there will be no prizes and no deadlines,,, simply have fun,,, because thats how we roll ova here!!! please let us know if youd like to create these challenges with us on a design team level,,, what we need from you is this,,,,
*an email {yeah ~ hello}
*your name
*a link to your blog or gallery
*a photo of you very most favorite layout you have ever created,,,
*you gotta be a follower,,, :-D
*and nothing else :-D
we will need this email from you by the 5th of june,,, we are so excited to get things rolling that we can barely wait till then!!!! please email nely and myself at thepinkninjas{at}aol{dot}com. also, please spread the word ~ this is fun and we are doing this simply because we love scrapping ~ and because we love you ~ we need the support of yous guys,,, we do,,, and feel free to follow our blog as well, that makes us happy,,, alright, so for now, we will wait to hear from you,,, cant even express how exciting this is and cant wait to hear back,,, leave a comment, send an email,,, whatevers,,, its all rad to us!!!
peace, ally :-D

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