Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prompt #32~My Favorite Things....

Our newest prompt is up and it is brought to you by our rad pink ninja star Gilly!

Prompt: My Favorite Things
Technique: retro, vintage, pre 90's
Pink Twist: fabric

Don't forget to link us up if you play along,,,this way we can leave you sweet comments!!..thanks for playing along!!!
love~the pink ninjas

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Our Ninja Star~ Gilly!!!

Whats your favourite word? This week my favourite words is 2 words Super Dooper! which is a ice block in Australia, I have been using it all week.

If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Christina Riccy, because she is abit weird.

Britney Spears or Gwen Stefanie? Gwen of course, she is such a powerful women and so creative.

Favourite drink? That would have to be Pepsi Max I think i live on it lol!

Have you even shoplifted? No way! but I have caught alot, old women are the worst.

What's your sign? Aries, we like to follow dreams and goals.

Have any cool scars? One on my leg which looks like I've been shot, When I was younger and single I used to tell guys at bars that I was shot by a air rifle running through the forest in the UK lol!

When you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? Work with Animals, I think that's why I've always had lots of pets.

What's your fashion style? At the moment what ever is not hot. But in the cooler weather I love wearing dresses with leggings and cardigans, Jeans, T shirts with Owls, big handbags, Maryjane high heels, necklaces with Owls. I love Owls!

Who inspires you? My best friends Renee and Jen, they are both so creative, fun, caring and wise.

Whats your favourite type of music? I like all, but love Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Pink and The Dixie Chicks.

Were you a trouble maker as a youngster? Not really, I was always the loud one, always trying to have fun and wanting to be the centre of attention and I would go off in my own little world and day dream.

Tell me something random about yourself? I can touch my nose with my tongue, it's very long and a great party trick.

thanks for getting to know our ninja star!!!

love~the pink ninjas!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello Everyone!!...hope you all had an awesome Valentines Day!...hope it was magical and spent with loved ones. Just a quick note here to let you know that we are currently taking sponsors for the month of March!!!...this is for a spot on our sidebar...we post your link on the sidebar for the entire well as a post about your business, shop, blog or anything you'd like. We also put a post on our personal blogs!!! isn't that awesome!!!...if you are interested, please email us at thepinkninjas[at]aol[d0t]com..we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!!!....thanks, and have a wonderful President's Day!!!!

love~the ninja masters

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We are having a valentines day special!!!....FREE, that's right...FREE shipping on any pink ninja addicts purchase!!!! anywhere in the U.S. or Canada!!!! can purchase as many kits as you'd like and get FREE shipping!!!!...isn't that awesome!!!! can check out ourblog and our shop for additional info!!!...thanks for stopping by!! ya!!!!...oh!.. and have a Happy Valentines Day!!! >

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prompt #31~handmade*cardboard*pink lace

Hello pink world!!! is our newest and latest inspiration for you!!!

inspiration: handmade
technique: cardboard
pink twist: lace

check out what our girlies created!!...

thanks for stopping by...don't forget to check out our you will find all the work our followers have created!!!

love~the pink ninjas

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It has Arrived!!!!

February is here....and that means that the newest kit has arrived at Pink Ninja Addicts!!...perfectly titled..*mommy's little monster* this delicious kit is full of bright fun colors...yummy paper...awesome trims and rad embellishments!!!....follow us on Pink Ninja Addicts to see what our awesome designers have created!!...i promise you will feel inspired!!!

yummy paper
awesome trims
handmade embellishment by ninja master ally
blue daisy cabochons
dino friends
heart cabochons
fall in love

*mommys little monster* kit includes,,,
*ten pattern papers
*one speciality paper {the dinosaurs}
*one package of rub one from american crafts
*one package pearls and crystals from prima marketing
*one set of thickers alphabets from american crafts
*almost one yard ponchello {you know, that rad mesh material,,, youll see},,,
*one strip camo fabric
*almost one yard black sequins trim
*one yard green sequins trim
*one yard black beaded trim
*one yard blue beaded trim
*two korean bingo cards
*two strips of plastic grass accent
*two fimo friends hand made by ninja master nely
*one dinosaur flair from indie art fair
*one bowling pin
*four cute softie stars
*one cutie pie 3-D dino friend
*one feltie fabric creation by ninja master ally
*six chipboard embellishments from american crafts
*one hand made feltie friend by ninja master nely
*two clear star embellishments
*two hand made resin bottle cap by ninja master nely
*two hearts cabochons
*one blue flower cabochon

we love you, love, the addicts

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Pink Ninja friends!!!,,,just wanted to take a moment and introduce to to you our newest sponsor for the month of February......chookscraps!!!!!,,,please go and check out her shoppy shop...where you'll find all sorts of scrapbooking goodies!!! She also runs and online forum where she hosts cyber crops, scrapbooking competitions and free classes!!!!,,,how rad is that??!!!,,,so please take a moment and check it out!!!~thanks Lorraine!!

love~the pink ninjas

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