Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winner of Kawaii Inspiration!!!

Pink Ninjas here to present the award for most bestest kawaii layout of the week!!!! {drumroll please},,,and the big winner is,,,,,,, Tiff, you are our big winner!!!,,your card was super kawaii!!!,,,please email us your address to thepinkninjas@aol.com so we can get your prize out to you!!!

P.S. Thank You to everyone that played along,,,you all did an amazing job!!!,,,the voting was not easy let me tell you!!!

*Reminder*~our blog will be closing temporarily for some remodeling on December 21st until the new year!!!...so don't stray to far because we will be back with a bang!!!

~ninja master nely

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

prompt #28 ~ elsie inspiration,,,

be steal my heart,,, this month our ninja star gloria wanted to go with an elsie inspired layout,,, uhhhh,,, heck yes ~ i mean, yes, please :-) we allllllll *love elsie*,,, her style, her self portraits, her amazing art, her blog,,, here are a few on my favs,,, but you can always find more of her right here from her flickr,,,,
team nanchukus
ninja star ~ gloria ninja master ally
team katana
ninja master nelycarrie
pearl heidi
:-) this might be my favorite prompt yet,,,, i think our design team did a wicked job,,, dont you?!?! i really, really, really, really cant wait to see what you come up with!!!
love, ally

Monday, December 7, 2009

this months ninja star is non other than a very close friend of ours,,, missy gloria,,,My favorite word is ....Situation
If they were to make movie about me Deb from Napoleon Dynamite...would play me...
That's a hard one but I am going to go with Gwen ...I love her clothes..
My favorite drink....a good wheat Beer with a lemon please...
Yes , when I was 9 I stole a Reece's peanut butter cup and put it in my tight little blouse to look like it was part of my boob...HELLLOOO I had no boobs so I got caught...My little brother was having his birthday party the next day and my punishment was that I could watch the party from the window but could not take part in any of the activities....I never stole again...
I am a Taurus
I have a cool scar on my head ...someone dropped me when I was little I just don't remember who.....
When I was a child I wanted to be like Micheal Jackson...He could dance and sing and write music...I wanted move just like him...As a career I wanted to take care of sick people my little sister is handicap and I loved being her at children's hospital helping the nurses..
My fashion style is I love dresses and lots of color and cowboy boots...Jeans with cute scarfs...Colorful headbands..I love headbands with flowers and bows the cuter the better. I love funky cardigans and dresses ...did I say that I love feeling like a girl in a cute dress..
My favorite type of music I think is coffee house music..I love the new where the wild thing are CD..I love Dave Mathews because it makes me feel like I am n love...I love female whimsical voices they make me feel like creating...Scarlett Jo Hansen...I love her CD. I also love Pearl Jam they give me strength...
I am very much inspired by Kelly-Rea Roberts. Her book Taking Flight changed my life. She believes we all have creative wings and that if we just showed up for ourselves and believed in our dreams the possibilities would be endless...She is able to find the beauty in the ordinary...I want to be that kind of female...
No, I was never a trouble maker...The only trouble I got in had to do with boys...I loved boys...
Something random...I like my coffee luke warm..never hot....

g money ~ we love you ~ and these are so much fun to read!!! check back on wednesday to see what her prompt is,,,,

love, ally

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

prmpt #27 ~ torendi sponsored kawaii!!!!

this time around, were playing for gold here!!! torendi is gonna sponsor us this week!! how rad is that?? sooooo,,, things will be a little different,,, this time, there is a due date,,, and were playing for these rad *i heart kawaii* rub ons,,, you gotta check out this online scrapbooking goodness company,,,blog ~ and website. one of our very own is lucky enough to be on the terendi design team,,,
okay, so this is how this week is gonna roll,,, the theme is *kawaii*, again, the prompt is thought up by, and sponsored by torendi. the due date for this prompt is the 8th of december ~ you have one week!!! please leave the link to your layout {or any sort of kawaii creation} under this post. we will choose our fav, and the lovely jenn {of torendi} will ship out those rockin rub ons your pretty little way,,,
also, jenn was sweet enough to offer a discount to you all that shop with her till next tuesday {the 8th}. any purchase greater than $5.00 from now until the 8th will receive 15% off!!! dang!! coupon code is Kawaii.
thank you so much jenn for hooking our ninjas up!!! we cant wait to see what you come up with!!! oh, yeah, here are the rad rub ons,,, so,,, kawaii, right?? ;-)
P.S. ~ kawaii, it means *cute* in japanese,,, just a little fyi action,,, ;-)
team nanchukus
ninja master ally
ninja master nely
heidi ~ and she used those rad rub ons,,, ;-)
ready, set, create!!!! you have one week,,, goooooooooo!!!
oh, dont forget our design team call,,,

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