Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prompt #30~Personal motto*stamps*transperancies

this inspiration is brought to us by our ninja star Christina!!

inspiration: personal motto
technique: stamps
pink twist: transperancies




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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ninja Star~ Meet Christina!!

Ninja Christina

Whats your favorite word? Hmmm... most over used words would be "dude" and just about any 4 letter word that can find itself in my daily language... ;)

*If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Jennifer Aniston. Not because I think she looks anything like me just because I LOVE her =)

*britney spears or gwen stefani?Got to go with Gwen on this one. The woman can do it all, clothing, sing, design, family, work out.... She's amazing and original and I admire that. I mean do you remember her wedding gown?? It had pink on it. Nobody else really tried colors on their wedding dress till she did, then everyone was adding color =)

*favorite drink? N/A would be h2O or orange juice. Alcohol would be a good beer or a shot of vodka, I'm a shot kinda girl not a foofy drink just straight.

*have you ever shoplifted? No way. I was way to scared that I would get caught.

*what's your sign? Leo, born to rule grrr ;)

*have any cool scars? One on my leg from glass from a car window that exploded, and one on the back of my hand from when I fell off of a merry-go-round when I was a kid.

*when you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up?A vet because I love animals so much, or a light house keeper, for realls! I always find it interesting about the light house keeper because I'm married to a sailor and I keep the lights going and an eye on the horizon lol

*what's your fashion style?It depends on the day. I have a little bit of it all, I love vintage jewelry, scarves, dark wash jeans, any and all kinds of heels, funky chunky jewels, knits, headbands... etc... I really do love vintage though =)

*who inspires you? In my family it would be my daughter, she has an amazing spirit and sees the world so beautifully. She's taught me to look for that and find it everywhere. In the scrap world-Ally and Nely are off the hook for bright, fun styles, I love Beth Perry for her vintage style, Georgia Viscari is an amazing digi artist, Stephanie Howell is so classic. I also love all the Dare girls and Elsie. OhLordy that would be a long list if I continued! lol. There is just so many amazing artists out there it's hard to pick just one who inspires me.

*whats your favorite type of music? I LOVE it all. Anything from Mozart to Elvis, The Beatles to Nirvana. Any and all. Bring on the music =Dlol

*were you a trouble maker as a youngster? Welll..... Yes. I was a sad little girl and it came out as being very mean and sarcastic(the sarcasm never left lol=P) I use to bite kids at daycare, beat up my older brother and make kids cry at school. So ya, I will admit I was a bad kid.

*tell me something random about yourself? As a child I use to name my stuffed animals after U.S. presidents. I still have George Washington(a bear) and Abraham Lincoln(a bear wearing a suit).

Come back Wednesday to check out what her rad inspiration is for us!!!

love, the pink ninjas

Monday, January 18, 2010


don't forget to check out the pink ninjas art walk! this is where we post all your awesome projects as you play along with us!! Your own spot in our ninja world! We love to see what you girlies come up with!!!,,,we love all the inspiration!

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Friday, January 15, 2010


Calling all business!!!!,,,,we are taking *sponsors* for the month of *February*!!! This is a sponsorship to place your business Ad on our sidebar!!! We are not taking sponsors for prompts at this time. If you are interested in promoting your business, whether it be big or small, please send us an email at We will write you back with all the details. This is a good way to promote your shop, blog, artwork or whatever other rad venture you may have! We have a super strong following which means you would get some serious traffic!! :D Again, if you are interested please email us at we will answer any questions you may have!!~thanks for stopping by!!

love~nely & ally

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prompt #29 ~Resolutions,,black & white photo, *pink twist*~alphas!!

Our very first inspiration of the year!!~as you know we have changed things up a bit around here, so our inspirations now come in three parts!~oh, and by *pink twist* we mean it has to be pink!!~can't wait to see what you come up with!,,in the meantime, check out what our team made!

prompt: resolutions
technique: black & white photo
pink twist: alphas

have a happy day~ninja master nely!

Monday, January 4, 2010

*Pink Ninja Addicts*

If you haven't heard the word, a second baby was born!,, Pink Ninja Addicts!!! We pink ninja masters have been working day and night to bring you these delicious kits!! We have been oohing and awwing over paper, drinking endless cups of coffee and having late night meetings to bring you one of a kind kits! we find one of a kind embellishments as well as handmade embellishments! We searched high and low for the cutest trims and fabric! For our first kit, we were sooooo honored and thrilled when *Elsie* accepted our invitation to be a guest designer for our first kit, *three little birds*~title inspired by the man himself, bob marley!,,,Elsie is so super cute and she has made the most amazing layouts with her kit!,,she even made a headband!!,,how stinking cute is that!! take a moment to hop on over to pink ninja addicts and check out the most delicious kits you have seen!!!,,don't be afraid to spend some of that christmas money,,you won't be dissapointed! Oh! and grab a button on the side bar and sport it on your blog! Spread the word!!~thank you!!!

miss elsie's creations:

thank you miss elsie!!

The kits:

the delicious paper:
the yummy trims:
the complete kit:
fimo friends:

handmade embellishments:

yummy paper:

fimo friends:
delicious trims:

handmade crochet flower:
handmade fabric spools:

thank you for stopping by~we love you all sooo much!!!!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Meet your New Ninjas!!!

Happy New Year!!!!,,,and welcome to our new re-vamped inspiration blog!!!,,,as you know it has been hiding for a bit,,,it was getting a makeover!!!,,,watcha think??,,you like??,,hope you do because we are in love with it!!!,,, new year, fresh start!,,what does this mean???,,, it means, brand spankin new inspirations that will get your creative juices flowin,,,this time around we have added techniques and pink twists to our inspirations!,, fun right??!!!,,,so this year we wanna see you play along,,,like hardcore,,,so grab a pink ninja button,,,sport it on your blog and spread the word!!!,,,soooo,,, with our fresh start comes a brand spanking new design team!!,,{alright, there are some familiar faces} this as always is a hard decision, picking new members is not an easy task at all when you have so many creative people!!,,,so thank you to everyone that submitted for our team,,,we appreciate you all!!!,,,oh!, and keep posted, the new inspiration will be up January 13th!!,,,okay, okay,,,so with out further wait,,,I present to you our *newest* pink ninjas!!!,,come say hello to them,,,
name ~ ally
what size do you scrapbook? ~ my favorite is 8 1/2 X 11,,, but you cant catch me here and there throwing out a 6 X 12 or 12 X 12,,, you never know,,,,
1 page or 2? ~ 1, almost always 1,,, i started with 2,, but i think i got bored of trying to do two different things with that same products, trying to convince the onlooker of your pages that youre not looking at the exact same page,,, just flip flopped,,, yo know??
favorite blog ~ mine {i know, i know copy cat}, elsie and celiene
something you want to purchase... badly ~ more doc martins,,, more & more & more,, ive got the fever right now,,, ohhh, and more tights and dresses,, and yes ~ i wanna wear them allllll together!!!
what shoes are you wearing right now?? ~ ugggggggg slippers,,, love these babies,,,
where do you find your inspiration? ~ blogs, pictures, outside, cartoons, papers, magazines,,,,
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~ pink, fuchsia, bubblegum pink, turquoise, black,,,, oh, and pink,,,,
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ twenty ten ~ time for so many changes,,, ill embrace each and every one of them,,,,
what makes your style *your style* ~ crap, lots & lots of crap,,, layers, distressing, layers, random embellishments,,, bright colors,,,
favorite song of the week? ~ ohhh,,, hmmmmm,,,, who came up with this question,, im stumped,, oh yeah ~ thatd be me,,, oh, i know, i know, i like that fireflies song,,, dunno whoo sings it, but i saw a glimpse of the music video,,, rad!!!! "id like to make myself believe that planet earth turnnns slowly,,,," that one,,,
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus ~ nanchakus ~ for the same reason,,, this is the second time i had to go through this neighborhood without my nanchakus",,, name that quote,,,,
something youre gonna do different in twenty ten ~ slllloooooooow down,,, not,,, actually, id like to slow down,, but its not a realistic goal,,, not in my world at least,,, that was me goal last year,,, didnt last a week,,, or even a day for that matter,,, in twenty ten, im gonna be more aware,,, something i need to do very much so,,,,
love youuuuuuuuuuu,,,,,

what size do you scrapbook? ~ 12 x 12 only…but I may branch out into different sizes this year!
1 page or 2? ~ I’m a single layout kinda gal!
favorite blog ~ Pink Ninja’s of course!
something you want to purchase... badly ~ Can you buy a full nights sleep?? Probably not so in that case a new paper trimmer, my trusty, faithful old guy Carl, has started to die *sigh* (He just doesn’t cut like he used to :(
what shoes are you wearing right now?? ~ My totally awesomated new camel coloured 6 inch cork platforms!
where do you find your inspiration? ~ I absolutely love looking at websites and blogs anything that relates to scrapbooking. I really like cruising blogs from scrappers in Europe, Norway and Russia. Seeing different scrap subcultures emerging is fantastic. I find this really inspirational
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~ gotta love any bright colours! But when forced to pick one - I especially lurve GREEN!
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ I get to see my Mummy and Daddy again J! (they live interstate and don’t get to visit often so I can’t wait for them to drop back in again on their way home from holidays up north!!)
what makes your style *your style* ~ lotsa dimension and layering! I just havta have chunky texture and distressed LO’s!
favorite song of the week? ~ Can’t stop listening to - O Holy Night From the Christmas Offerings album by Third Day! I know Christmas is over but I am still in the spirit of it!
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus ~ I have to say that I am totally a katana sword girl! (the scene from the body guard with Kevin Costner, the sword and the silk scarf = SHIVERS!!)
something youre gonna do different in twenty ten ~ I am going to rock the work force once again! Yes I have a job which I start in 2010! Noice I know, Very Noice!

What size do you scrapbook~ 12x12, there isn't enough space on anything smaller.
1 page or 2~ I like doing 1 page but sometimes if I have alot of photos like Easter, I'll do 2.
Favourite Blog: I have many, but love Pink Ninjas.
Something you want to purchase.... badly~ I new house, with more scrapping room lol.
What shoes are you wearing right now~ My brown high heeled Mary Jane's, just got back from shopping.
Where do you find your inspiration~ From Op shop (second hand shops), blogs and from everyday life.
Whats your favourite scrapping colour~ I love using all colours but I do love Teal, and it looks soooo good with pink.
One thing you are looking forward to this week~ I'm on holidays, so I lookforward to everyday but also i'm hopefully getting happy mail.
What makes your style ***** your style~ My style is alot of things, I love the Vintage Retro look, using old items, distressing, misting and love doing OTP.
Favourite song of the week~ Possibility by Lykke Li, ( New Moon sound track)
Ninja weapon of choice~ Nanchakus, I had a toy pair when I was younger.
Something youre gonna to do different in twenty ten~ Save money lol!

what size do you scrapbook?12x12 pages and 6x6 sized mini books!
1 page or 2? ~1 page
favorite blog ~I am frequently inspired by the blogs of my crafty friends! I don’t have a favorite. I love them all…the personal stories, the joy and cheerfulness and the sad stories…all of it. My blog friends inspire me not only to create but to also be a better person. And the Pink Ninja's Blog ROCKS!
something you want to purchase... badly ~Some cute bust-enhancing Victoria Secret bras! Sadly, I’ve downsized a cup and need to be fitted again…..sigh. Let's just say....I can only go UP from here!
what shoes are you wearing right now?? ~None….love being barefoot at home.
where do you find your inspiration? ~blog buddy blogs, challenge blogs, art, magazines, fashion, store window displays, and my family….mostly my little monsters (the kids).
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~turquoise
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~Playing with the box of scrapbooking supplies....crackle pain, distressing ink, stamps, and liquid pearls The Hubs bought me for Christmas! Oh and wearing the cool gray with black trim high heeled Mary Janes he bought me too!
what makes your style *your style*~Foo foo girly with clusters....lots and lots of embelly clusters!
favorite song of the week? ~just got the new Alicia Keys CD……LOVE! "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus ~katana swords baby!
something youre gonna do different in twenty ten ~ I’m gonna learn how to cook more than 2 dishes, spend more quality family time, and focus more on my career (I play too much at!

What size do you scrapbook? ~any and all of them .. the size does not matter!
1 page or 2? ~ one page only, I used to do doubles when I started, and I used to scrap in order too LOL
Favorite blog ~ can I say mine? I love my blog, a place to keep all the bit of me. And beside my blog roll is way tooooo long to choose one!
Something you want to purchase... badly ~ IS lenses for my camera!
What shoes are you wearing right now?? ~ Bare feet here.. would go forever with no shoes if I could get away with it.
Where do you find your inspiration? ~ the photos, the kids and the world around me
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~ Red! Coz its really close to pink!
One thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ pay day … I always love pay day J
what makes your style *your style*~ because I don’t know what my style is, I would have to say my lack of knowing what my style is makes my style mine!
Favorite song of the week? ~Mumford And Sons - Little Lion Man lyrics
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, coz they are long, and my kids run pretty fast
something you’re gonna do different in twenty ten ~ Scrap more and Shop less

what size do you scrap?~ Mainly 12x12, sometimes smaller
1 PG OR 2? One only... I used to do two, but that stopped quickly! I don't have the patience to work on two with the same theme. I do enjoy doing mini's these days... I have made a few for gifts... very fun!
fave blog~ Hmm.... well, THE PINK NINJA'S of course!!
something you want to purchase badly~ A Kia Soul... OMG, ever since the hampster commercials came out I have wanted one. Yes, I'll admit it... I mainly want the car because I am hoping I will get a free hampster! LOL That and another lens for my digital SLR.
what shoes are you wearing right now~ My Docs
where do you find your inspiration~ My children, music, work, nature.... anything bright and loud!
whats your favorite scrapbook color?~Pink pink pink!! And some blue! LOL
one thing you are looking forward to~ Taking down the Christmas decorations and getting my home back to normal... well, whatever normal is!
what makes your style,,*your style*~ I am a very sarcastic and fun loving person, and I like to put my humor and personality into all of my layouts, and the photos that I take. I feel that if you can't get a laugh out of life, then it's going to be a very bleak life.... have a sense of humor and just laugh sometimes. I like to put that in a lot of my layouts. I don't know what you would call this style, but hey, it's me!
favorite song of the week~ "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga has been my song of the last two weeks!
ninja weapon of choice~ The sais... I could soooo do some major damage with those babies!!
something you are gonna do different in twenty ten~ Budget myself on scrapbook supplies, sing more, get two new tattoo's, and restrain myself from physically hurting my staff!!

what size do you scrapbook? ~ 12x12, 6x12 is my new fav for sure!
1 page or 2? ~ one page only, i just can't bring my self to do 2 pages, it reminds me of Creative Memories back in the day, so old school, but not cool old school, ya know?
favorite blog ~ I stalk, in order: Elise, Ally and Nely
something you want to purchase... badly ~ New clothes and new shoes!
what shoes are you wearing right now?? ~ Rocking my house slippers!
where do you find your inspiration? ~ everywhere, flickr, clothes, magazines, blogs, blogs and more blogs...
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~ I'm feeling green as of late, random.
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ ummm... moving into my new place, duh! SO SO SO excited!!!
what makes your style *your style* ~ I like random, I just go with the flow, I like lots of color, and paint has been my BFF as of late... just chaos on a page, I like that!
favorite song of the week? ~ not a song, but a band, Keane. I found it in my car in my old CD case and I've been listening to the whole thing for 3 days now! Its the older CD...
ninja weapon of choice ~ Bo Staff... I love how it rhymes with "kick your ass" tee hee hee
something you're gonna do different in twenty ten ~ I'm gonna expand my creativity, I want to paint, knit, crochet, quilt and actually finish a quilt! LOL!! Maybe even make jewelry!

name~ Christina
what size do you scrap~ 12x12 and smaller. If I want to use a paper then I do, I really don't worry about the size of it
1 pg or 2?~ Usually 1 but if I have a ton of pics then I'll do two
fave blog~ Pink Ninjas babyy!!!! =)
something you want to purchase badly~ A new casa =) We've looked at a few and we are hoping to buy a new one in 2010, we just need to sell our current home first.
what shoes are you wearing right now?~ None, barefoot lady over here lol
where do you find your inspiration?~ I look everywhere, I believe that you can find beauty in just about anything, and where that is there is inspiration.
what makes your style,,,*your style*~ My style is always changing but I love to tell a story with what I'm making. I push it and try not to make two pgs the same.
favorite song of the week~ "Somewhere over the Rainbow" No kidding! J got The Wizard of OZ for Christmas and she's been watching it alot lol
ninja weapon of choice~ hmmm... I'm going to go with the nanchakus
something you are gonna do different in twenty ten~ New tatts, new piercings, new art, new pics, new road trips! Going to be a gooood year!!!

what size do you scrapbook? ~ mostly 12x12, but sometimes I use whatever sized paper scrap I have if it's "big enough"
1 page or 2? ~ 1
favorite blog ~ t!m holtz
something you want to purchase... badly ~ ipod, digital slr camera, replace all the carpet in the house with Pergo
what shoes are you wearing right now?? ~ green chenille frog prince socks
where do you find your inspiration? ~ sketches, prompts, my kids' goofy looks or the hilarious things they say
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~ pink
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ finally getting back into my craft room after weeks of work deadlines, holiday stress, and being sick! we miss each other terribly!
what makes your style *your style* ~ my compulsion to be symmetrical whilst grungy and messy
favorite song of the week? ~ teenage dirtbag by weenus
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus ~ nanchakus

what size do you scrapbook? ~Usually 12x12, but as of lately i've been doing 81/2 x11, mainly because this is the size my scanner will scan,,i have busted out a couple 6x12's!!!
1 page or 2? ~ Only one, I'm not a big fan of 2 pages,,i have trouble filling up that much space!
favorite blog ~ hmmm, i have so many, elsies, ally's, glorias, carries, decor 8, kara haupt, creative blessing,,,,i could go on and on,,and I do read all of these blogs!!!
something you want to purchase... badly ~ A car!!!!,,like i'm dying i need it that bad!!!
what shoes are you wearing right now?? ~ black ugg boots,,it's freezing here!!!
where do you find your inspiration? ~ from people!,,I admire everyones creative brain and some people just amaze me!!!,,,Nature is another biggie for me,,just being outdoors and feeling the air and smelling flowers,,,it's the best!!!
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? ~ I tend to fall in the pink, turquoise and black pattern,,,but this new year i want to try and change that!,,i mean i'll keep using these colors but try to color outside the box!
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ a good nights sleep would be nice!
what makes your style *your style*~ I don't really know what my style is, i like texture, lots of texture and dimension, but i'm not to good on transfering that to paper,,,
favorite song of the week? ~ Imma be, from the black eyed peas!!,,listening to it right now,,i'm so hooked on it right now!!!,,I sing it in my husbands face all day!!
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus ~nunchuks for sure,,they look cool and can cause some serious damage!!
something youre gonna do different in twenty ten ~im gonna make this year about my husband,,,this past year it was all about me and my adventures and he supported every single one of them,,,so this year i wanna pay him back with the same!!

thank you all!!~nely & ally!!

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