Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prompt #34~Labels,,,

this rad prompt is brought to you by our rad ninja star Emily!

Technique~recycled packaging
Pink Twist~ Ribbon

and here's what our rad team created:

ninja star emily



love~the pink ninjas!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have You Checked Out??,,,,

our amazing kit for the month of February?!?...if you haven't, hop on over to Pink Ninja Addicts and check it out!!! It's full of yummy goodness!! you can also check out the gallery!! It's full of creations created by our wonderful followers!!!! You should see the amazing things they create with the kits!!! Our Ninja in the spotlight is the amazing Kara Haupt!!! hop on over there...i promise you wont be dissapointed!!!...Oh!! and stay tuned...*accidentally kelly street* is coming........

love~ninja masters nely & ally

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet Our Ninja Star~Emily!!!

*Whats your favorite word? Well, more of a phrase.... current favorite comes from my friend Taco.... "I'm just sayin" He's hilarious. He's been using the phrase for years and it ended up being the name of a local television show.

*If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? I didn't have a clue on who to answer for this question... I was totally stuck, so I asked my boyfriend, who told me Kate Winslet. When I asked why, he said, "Because she likes to get naked in all of her movies!" LOL After he answered me with that I realized that I would like Sandra Bullock to play me as an adult.

*britney spears or gwen stefani? Gwen Stefani.... she's super hot, great dresser, talented, awesome mom, business woman.... you can't ask for more!! Not to mention, her hubby is HOT!!

*favorite drink? Alcoholic is Vodka and Cranberry juice. Non-Alcoholic is Dr. Pepper!

*have you ever shoplifted? No, but my children are known to put stuff in the cart as we are walking down the aisles and me not realize it.... once Serenity stole something, but she didn't have a clue she was stealing! I just went back and paid for it.

*what's your sign? I'm a Capricorn and stubborn as hell... I totally fit my sign. Chinese Zodiac, I am a Dog. I pretty much fit that one too!

*have any cool scars? Hmm.... do my stretch marks from my pregnancies count? A couple of them have some kick @ss designs! LOL, sorry, I had too..... I just have some scars from falling down while learning how to ride a bike. That's pretty much it.

*when you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? I really wanted to be a radiologist for the longest time. That changed fast!

*what's your fashion style? Pretty business casual. I wear basics that can be layered or unlayered that don't really ever go out of style. I've learned that by doing this I can get the cute jewelry and shoes that I want more!!

*who inspires you? In the scrapbooking world, I have been totally inspired by the Dare Girls from day one. The other person who inpired me early on, but it took me a while to actually chat with via her blog was Miss Ally. From the moment I found her blog via another challenge blog, I was in love. And still are inspired by her along with all of my fellow and past Ninja's . You are all the best!

In the music world, I am inspired by Patty Griffin, Martina McBride, Lady Gaga and Madonna.

*whats your favorite type of music? I am very eclectic and listen to EVERYTHING, but right now, my fixation is on Lady Gaga. She is so interesting to me. Her sound is awesome!

*were you a trouble maker as a youngster? Not really, it wasn't until I was in H.S. where I became more of a trouble maker. It was more the Honor Student rebelling.... nothing big. That part didn't come until college!

*tell me something random about yourself? I have the biggest crush on Kevin Spacey. No joke.... I think he is the sexiest man alive. Yes, I KNOW he is old and gross to many, but I find him so dang sexy!!! The things I could do to him............. mmm..... and yes, I frequently get made fun of from my closest friends for this random fact about me. I've loved him since I saw him in American Beauty. I also adore him in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.... he's extra sexy with that accent!!

Love~the pink ninjas

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello beautiful blog world!!!..The Pink Ninjas are now accepting applications for sponsor spots for the month of April!!!...This sponsorship is for ad space on our side bar!!..April is the perfect month to promote your business or blog!!! Spring is right around the corner so it's perfect!! What you will get is your own spot on our rad blog, a post promoting your shop/blog, and a shout out on our own personal blogs!!!...Isn't that awesome!!!...If you are interested, please email us at thepinkninjas [at] aol [dot] com...
In the meantime, please check out our current sponsor, Hydrangea Hippo!!

love you all, pink ninja masters!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prompt #33~Priceless,,,

Happy Wednesday!!!.... We have a rad new prompt for you!!

Prompt: Priceless
Technique: Distress
Pink Twist: pink paint

For all of you who play along with us this prompt, you will have the chance to win a rad embellishment pack!..put together by our lovely sponsor Hydrangea Hippo!!!...look at all the yummy stuff you could win!!!...Make sure to stop by her cute etsy shop to see all the goodies she has!!!

here's what you will get!! :

1 yard Black Grosgrain with Screenprinted Stars
1 yard Red Grosgrain with Screenprinted Stars
Set of 3 custom colored Black Tripe Pearl Stick Pins
Set of 3 Hot Pink Gem Stick Pins
Set of 3 Green Triple Pearl Stick Pins
1 Yard Green Sequin Trim
1 Yard Lime Sequin Trim
1 Yard Midnight Green Sequin Trim

take a look at what our awesome design team has created!!!


love~the pink ninjas

Monday, March 1, 2010

Check Out Our Newest Sponsor!!!

Hydrangea Hippo started all from friends sharing their silly ideas for what they'd name their scrapbook store if they ever had one. I threw out "Hydrangea Hippo" and it stuck! I started an etsy shop in 2007 to sell off my past class kits, extra embellies, and grab bags of product. A few years later, a change in store names (from my name to Hydrangea Hippo) and my shop offers a wide variety of over 100 products at any given time:

*pdf tutorials for some of my most popular papercrafting projects (all under $5)

*class kits from my past classes

*kits for my online classes

*exclusive kits I only offer on etsy

*ribbon, sequins, and trims from my extensive collection

*hand-dyed stick pins and other floral pins

*handmade cards, mini books and other paper crafts

*"Hair Decor" made by myself and my hubby

*Embellies like sequins, buttons, and paper piecings

*Anything fun that catches my eye, like my hand-dyed bottle brush trees and stuff ninjas would like ;)

Anyone referred by Pink Ninjas will receive free shipping within the United States -- just paste the code "FREENINJAS" in the notes at checkout and a refund for the shipping price will be issued when the item ships. This code is good for the entire month ;)

love~the pink ninjas


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