Monday, January 25, 2010

Ninja Star~ Meet Christina!!

Ninja Christina

Whats your favorite word? Hmmm... most over used words would be "dude" and just about any 4 letter word that can find itself in my daily language... ;)

*If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Jennifer Aniston. Not because I think she looks anything like me just because I LOVE her =)

*britney spears or gwen stefani?Got to go with Gwen on this one. The woman can do it all, clothing, sing, design, family, work out.... She's amazing and original and I admire that. I mean do you remember her wedding gown?? It had pink on it. Nobody else really tried colors on their wedding dress till she did, then everyone was adding color =)

*favorite drink? N/A would be h2O or orange juice. Alcohol would be a good beer or a shot of vodka, I'm a shot kinda girl not a foofy drink just straight.

*have you ever shoplifted? No way. I was way to scared that I would get caught.

*what's your sign? Leo, born to rule grrr ;)

*have any cool scars? One on my leg from glass from a car window that exploded, and one on the back of my hand from when I fell off of a merry-go-round when I was a kid.

*when you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up?A vet because I love animals so much, or a light house keeper, for realls! I always find it interesting about the light house keeper because I'm married to a sailor and I keep the lights going and an eye on the horizon lol

*what's your fashion style?It depends on the day. I have a little bit of it all, I love vintage jewelry, scarves, dark wash jeans, any and all kinds of heels, funky chunky jewels, knits, headbands... etc... I really do love vintage though =)

*who inspires you? In my family it would be my daughter, she has an amazing spirit and sees the world so beautifully. She's taught me to look for that and find it everywhere. In the scrap world-Ally and Nely are off the hook for bright, fun styles, I love Beth Perry for her vintage style, Georgia Viscari is an amazing digi artist, Stephanie Howell is so classic. I also love all the Dare girls and Elsie. OhLordy that would be a long list if I continued! lol. There is just so many amazing artists out there it's hard to pick just one who inspires me.

*whats your favorite type of music? I LOVE it all. Anything from Mozart to Elvis, The Beatles to Nirvana. Any and all. Bring on the music =Dlol

*were you a trouble maker as a youngster? Welll..... Yes. I was a sad little girl and it came out as being very mean and sarcastic(the sarcasm never left lol=P) I use to bite kids at daycare, beat up my older brother and make kids cry at school. So ya, I will admit I was a bad kid.

*tell me something random about yourself? As a child I use to name my stuffed animals after U.S. presidents. I still have George Washington(a bear) and Abraham Lincoln(a bear wearing a suit).

Come back Wednesday to check out what her rad inspiration is for us!!!

love, the pink ninjas


Heidi said...

yea christina!!!!! so fun to get to know you. (esp. LOVE the presidential teddies!!!)

Georgia Visacri said...

Hey Christina, It's soooooo great to get to know you a bit more, I love your scrapbooking and photos! Thanks for mentioning me on your list, I really appreciate that, especially coming from you!
And the pink ninjas' blog is soooooooooo cool, I'm adding you girls to my blog list. What a group of talented people you are, love your wonderful projects!
Hugs to all

Beth said...

I LOVE MY TRAMPO!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK, SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love getting to know more about you, you sexy biotch, you!

Emily said...

LMAO.... ha, I love how you get called a TRAMPO from Beth P!!! That is hilarious... you two are nuts.

I loved getting to know more about you darlin! You rock!!

Do you have any stuffed animals named after Clinton??? LOL


squoodger said...

you go girl!!! Awesome Christina!!! I have to agree with everyone else about the President named bears - sooooo cute!

Nay and Gilly said...

Totally cool Christina! loved reading about your answers, Gillyox

allyson joy said...

this is awesome christina ~ youre such a rock star!!!

Pearl said...

awesome nuggets about you , grrl ! Love the idea of being a lightkeeper in your context ! so romantic ! ;)


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