Friday, November 27, 2009

design team call!!!

hello, hello, hello,,, guess what?? man, ninja master nely and myself are at it again,,, we are doing some major house cleaning round these parts,,, we are going to switch things up, again, mainly, because its so much fun to do so!!! we are gonna ring in the new year with a brand spanking new ~ yes, brand spanking new, design team!!! were gonna down size a bit because what the new year brings in is a more interesting pink ninjas inspiration blog with more inspiration and depth then eva baby!!! were even gonna give this baby a face lift!!! nothing, well, other that the ninja masters will remain,,, we are soooooo stoked to get things spruced up!!! alright, you got me, you might see a few familiar faces, but were not making any promises, nothing is off limits!!! our final prompt of 2009 will be listed the 9th of december, then its on like donkey kong baby!!! we will be closing down shop till januray!!! if youre interested in joining our wicked design team, this is what we want from you,,,
*an email to thepinkninjas{at}aol{dot}com
*your name
*a link to your blog and or gallery
*a photo of your three very most favorite layouts you have ever created,,,
*you gotta be a follower,,, :-D
due date for the design team call is monday, 21 december. please subject your email *i wanna be a pink ninjaaaaaaaaa* :-)
were stoked!! cant wait to see what you come up with,,,
love, ninja master ally

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