Wednesday, November 18, 2009

prompt #25 ~ *huh?? really?? what was i thinking??*

weve all got those moments,,, we are dying to see yours!!!

team nanchukus
michelle christina gloria
team katana
cant wait to see em!!!
love, ninja ally


Christina said...

Good job ladies!!! Michelle your is too funny!!! and SOOO true, I never get why guys think they need to grow a beard!? LOL

Emily said...

Nice... these are all awesome!!!!

ally serrato said...

love em ladies!!!

Carrie said...

these are so fun!!!...gloria, you are crazy (i have done the same)...LOVE IT!!!!

Gloria said...

lots of crazy layouts guys..

Sweet Escape said...

rad job ladies!!...gloria..i'm really loving the feel of your layout...and it's rad that you went in the cold water when no one else would..and in your underwear..awesome!!!

pigmentations said...

fun, fun, takes, girls! woo-hoo... :)



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