Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Our Ninja Star~ Gilly!!!

Whats your favourite word? This week my favourite words is 2 words Super Dooper! which is a ice block in Australia, I have been using it all week.

If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Christina Riccy, because she is abit weird.

Britney Spears or Gwen Stefanie? Gwen of course, she is such a powerful women and so creative.

Favourite drink? That would have to be Pepsi Max I think i live on it lol!

Have you even shoplifted? No way! but I have caught alot, old women are the worst.

What's your sign? Aries, we like to follow dreams and goals.

Have any cool scars? One on my leg which looks like I've been shot, When I was younger and single I used to tell guys at bars that I was shot by a air rifle running through the forest in the UK lol!

When you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? Work with Animals, I think that's why I've always had lots of pets.

What's your fashion style? At the moment what ever is not hot. But in the cooler weather I love wearing dresses with leggings and cardigans, Jeans, T shirts with Owls, big handbags, Maryjane high heels, necklaces with Owls. I love Owls!

Who inspires you? My best friends Renee and Jen, they are both so creative, fun, caring and wise.

Whats your favourite type of music? I like all, but love Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Pink and The Dixie Chicks.

Were you a trouble maker as a youngster? Not really, I was always the loud one, always trying to have fun and wanting to be the centre of attention and I would go off in my own little world and day dream.

Tell me something random about yourself? I can touch my nose with my tongue, it's very long and a great party trick.

thanks for getting to know our ninja star!!!

love~the pink ninjas!!


euphoria said...

YAY GIlly! I just love your photo SO SO much! too cute! Sweet interview!

Heidi said...

You are so much fun, Gilly!!!!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I agree love the photo!!
Its nice getting to know the NINJA"S

Christina said...

You are just tooooo funny!!! I love the story the air rifle, the woods, and UK. it soo awesome lol

Faye Marie said...

I love the photo!!!

Check out my blog candy

Emily said...

Awesome interview!! I love this photo of you Gilly!! And we have the same taste in music!!!

allyson joy said...

gilly ~ youre soooooo freaking cuteeeeeee!! and such an amazing artist ~ we love having you on the team and i loved reading all about you {go britney spears}!!! ;-)

Mo said...

A fun read Gilly! Thanks for giving us a peek of your wonderfulness!


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