Tuesday, September 1, 2009

design team call!!!

ask, and you shall receive,,, weve gotten a few requests and inquiries as the when we were going to be adding to our design team,,, now is the time baby!!! since you are probably more familiar with our concept now, and you know how we roll we wont beat the dead horse with a stick {or how ever that saying goes}, its simple. we are a weekly inspiration blog looking for rad chicks or dudes that wanna help inspire others. email us if youre interested. this is what we need from you,,,
*an email to thepinkninjas@aol.com
*your name
*a link to your blog and or gallery
*a photo of your three very most favorite layouts you have ever created,,,
*you gotta be a follower,,, :-D
our current deign team is on board and will be so until the end of september,,, the due date for this information from you is 20th september, with the release of our new design team the first of october. please email us at thepinkninjas@aol.com . please remember this is an inspiration blog without prizes and cut throat competition,,, we do this because we freaking love to scrapbook and like a tad bit of an edge,,, a lil somthin, somethin else,,,
dude ~ cant wait to see who shows up for the design team call... and as we release our new ninjas, we want you to know that there will be a few changes here and there once we get on new team in order. thanks for the rad support, comments and words. we love youuuuu!!!
love, pink ninja ally


Scrappy Witch said...

What no cut throat competition!? I am in! Would love to be part of the team, so I have so far completed all but the emailing of my most favorite layouts....hmmm gonna be tough, but...I know I have the edge you all do! I still love punk rock (even though I am a goodie goodie Girl Scout leader, soccer mom, and Betty home maker!) My hubby would like roll over and die if he saw some of my old punkie days! Well, here's looking forward to a great chance to join the team!


twistedsoda said...

wow, a little birdie told me about this! Sounds freakin cool to me. I've been a follower since day one and I do love the girlies that design here!

Emily said...

Good Luck to all those who try out!

There is some great talent out there ;)

KristenJo said...

Yay! I'm so excited :)

Anonymous said...

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