Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prompt #36~Dream,,,

happy pink inspiration wednesday!!!

Prompt: Dream a little
Technique: no pattern paer
pink twist: buttons

and seriously, our design team blew the roof with this one!!..they totally rocked the no patterned paper!!




love~the pink ninjas


Jocelyn said...

Ok...I am just swooning!!!!!!!!! ladies ROCKED these out to the MAX...I LOVE each and every one!!!

Now I want to play along...BIG TIME!!!!!

Great Challenge...beyond great!!

Emily said...

We rock... hands down. Loved this prompt.....


Leigh said...

holy crap- these are all AMAZING! i love each and every one- talk about major inspiration. i CANNOT WAIT to play along! :)

Nay and Gilly said...

YES EM LOVE all the LO's and THe NInja's rock big time lol! Gillyox

Heidi said...

VERY cool!!!

Christina said...

amazing job ladies!! it's so fun to be a part of this team!!!

Mo said...

wow ninjas! awesomeness!

Nay and Gilly said...

Oh Yeah! This totally surprized me cos I just LURVE pattern paper, so I thought this would be major hard but I had so much fun!!!
Luv Renee

Anonymous said...

wow-no kidding here those creations are PHENOMENAL!!!! great job everyone!

Mo said...

love all the printed paperless creations!!! wowowowo!

Inkster said...

I HAD TO!!!!!!!!!!!
These LOs rocked me so hard i had to go make my own too!!
I can't believe i stayed away so long!!!
here's my take:

Tyggereye said...

Here's mine.

twistedsoda said...

rockin it as usual! I miss you all so much. Working on mine right now...buttons....hahahahahaha. I wonder if I have any of those hanging around! (hearts)

Adrienne Pierce said...

Here is mine! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Hayley G said...

wow.. those layouts are stunning, stupid level stunning. Beautiful work.

PaperCameraScissor said...

i was super excited about this prompt i forgot to add what else i needed but i will be doing another or just adding the extras.

Leigh said...

this was way fun, liek always :) great prompt! the no PP was way hard for me, LOL!
here is my submission:


kanishk said...

its a Great Challenge
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