Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet The New Ninjas!!!!

we present to you our newest ninjas!!{okay, some familiar faces},,,,us ninja masters had to make some toughie decisions on picking a new team!!!,,,we had some amazing entries,,,thank you everyone that applied!!!,,,we appreciate you all!!! this time around we are changing things up once again,,,keeping you on your toes!!!,,,we are going back to our old school ways!,,when we gave you a prompt and you went with it and created rad projects/layouts!!!,,,we cannot wait to see what you create!!,,our first inspiration will be up June 9th!!! so keep posted!!!,,,okay, okay, without further wait,,,i present to you our newest pink ninjas,,,,,come say hello to them!!!,,,

1 - where do you live?? I live in Oceanside, California!!!,,ten minutes away from the beach :-

2 - favorite etsy shop?? I like lots of them!!,,,but most definitely, skunkboy creatures is my favorite!!! I wait for her updates!!!

3 - what did you do last night?? last night I was freezing my butt off in the sierra nevadas!!!,, we took a short camping trip. It was so much fun but it was freezing! And my heater ran out of juice halfway thru the night!!! It felt good to come home and take a shower!!!

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, I have lots of crushes!!! I have a crush on wednesday meetings with my bestie!!!,,vanilla ice cream, cute handmade items, octopuses, padres games, high heels, cute dresses, nature, flowers, tattoos, and on and on, and on!!! I use to have a mega crush on Carrie Hart, Pink's husband, but I gave that up once they got married,,they are a cute couple! Now, I have a super hardcore crush on Michael Cera!!,,i love him!!,,he's funny and cute!!,,,i have a big crush on Gwen Stefani!!,,oh! and troy polamalu from the steelers!!

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,,I have no tattoos!!,,,this is so weird for me because I ABSOLUTELY love tattoos!!!,,,i've always wanted one but can never commit!!!,,,i love when boys have sleeves!!!,,maybe one day I will commit, but who knows!!!

6 - wal-mart or target?? definitely target!,,,wal-mart gives me anxiety. Plus target has rad stuff!!!

7 - tell me something random about yourself,, I've known my husband since we were 5 years old!,,i refuse to walk barefoot, I'm allergic to beef,,,I've never had a beef hamburger, I've never owned a pair of sweatpants, I didn't drink till I was 26!,,i have never smoked a cigarette!!!(mostly because I have asthma), I was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down from a dirt bike accident!,,i love mosh pits and always wanted to be in a punk band!!

8 - in which era do you belong?? I belong in this era but I love the 1940's! I love how women always looked so glamourous!!!,,their hair was done, they wore those cute hats with the veils over the face, gloves and rad!

9 - first kiss?? it was in the 7th grade. It was in the quad area, everyone was watching. My friend told me to go kiss this boy that liked me. I was dared, so I did it!,,it was weird for me, but he liked it,,,

1 - where do you live?? a little place called valley center close to san diego.

2 - favorite etsy shop?? i have sooooooo many,,, i love everything from etsy,,, paintings, clothing,, random goods,,, etsy makes me crazy!!!

3 - what did you do last night??packed and did a ton of laundry for a road trip,, {which im on right now},,,

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, i have a lot of crushes,,, i have a ginormous crush on etsy,,, another ginormous crush on the pink ninja world that nely and i live in,,, im so not weird, but i have a crush on my english bulldog {not like sick twisted crap,,,, get your head outta the gutter},, hes just plain pefect,, i love, love, love, love him!!! and of course my hubby,,,

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, i am!! i love tattoos!! oooooo,, how i love!! i love the smell of tattoo shops,,, hanging out there,, all that is a part of tattoos,, makes me crazy,, my first tattoo was two precious little lady bugs on my left foot,,, i told my mom theyd only last six months,, that it was a new way to have temporary tattoos,,, she bought it big time,, i figured by the time six moths passed shed be over it. that probably would have been the case,, but everybody thought that the lady bugs were moles, or birth marks,, or whatevers,, so i went ahead and added vines and flowers and a butterfly. now it looks like a tattoo. ;-) i have a butterfly on my back, that got added into a larger {well, i think its pretty large} tattoo on my back. my family crest surrounded by flowers and another butterfly. wanted to make it look girly. my baby brother has the same tattoo {minus the girly stuff, of course}. then, i have three stars right above my right ass cheek,,, i have a chinese symbol on my hip. *live for the moment* and its got two cute little cherry blossoms on either side. well, it used to be a cute little tattoo,,, till i got preggers,,, now it screams *LIVE FOR THE MOMENT*!!! ;-) i also got a cute pink star, right smack dab in the cleavage!!!! just for fun,,, and finally *create* on my right inner wrist. in elsies hand writing. i want more,,, i wanna get something special with the words *marciano isabella* in it. i will,,, someday soon,, ;-)

6 - wal-mart or target?? target. wal-mart rubs me the wrong way,,, i love, love, love target!!! its perfect!!!

7 - tell me something random about yourself ,,

*im left handed

*im the first girl born into the family for over 100 years!! oh my!!!

*i love reggae music, its my very favorite, it makes my body feel good,,, ahhhhh,,,

*i love music, especially concerts

*i love cupcakes, a lot, a lot

*im five foot ten inches tall

*i did not opt to give birth naturally,,, ouch!!! ;-)

*i don't sit still well.

8 - in which era do you belong?? so easy, the seventies,, no doubt,,, im such a flower child,,, actually, try it, throw some flowers in my hair and i could easily pass,,, i belong following the greatful dead, dancing on stage while bob marley sings,,, burning bras,, all of it. i drive a hybrid, to be better to the environment,,, i recycle,,, all that jazz,,, at least i think all that makes me fit that era,,,

9 - first kiss?? seventh grade. we use to go skaing every friday night and i kissed my *boy friend* in the side of the building,,, ive always been boy crazy,,, arent boys perfect??

1. Where do you live? Bothell, Washington about 30 minutes north of Seattle!

2. Favorite Etsy shop? Ummmmm....duh....Pink Ninja Addicts BABY! I'm also loving Such Sweet Tierney for all the beautiful chipboard buttons!

3. What did you do last night? Well, I'm here in Hawaii so last night I partied it up with the family in Ewa Beach! I got to see my Aunt and Uncles and my Grandpa as well as my doggy-cousin Bud who stole our hearts!

4. Do you have a crush? One of my crushes just won American Idol....I love Lee! And, of course,t forget "the list"! You know, if I ever run into them... Game on! But, I'm in the process of updating that list, ha ha!

5. Are you tatted? Nope, but I love looking at tatoos on people! My two sisters want to get identical ones on the three of us so eventually I will have one..... Any suggestions where?

6. Wal-mart or Target? I loooove me some Target! I cannot walk into that store without buying something!

7. Something random Bout me,,,I've got a big smile, sweet personality but a baaaaaad temper!

8. In which era do you belong? I love looking at photos of the beautiful fun style of the twenties! Fashion-wise, those gals rocked it. But I am and always will be a child of the 80s! The music, the fashion and artistic freedom that seemed to explode set the stage for present day culture (at least in the US).

9. First kiss,,Oh....sweet guy.....baaaaad kiss. Slobber central all over my face! NOT like I imagined it was gonna be.

1 - where do you live?? ~ In a house! LOL, seriously, I live in a suburb of St.Louis, MO.

2 - favorite etsy shop?? ~ Pink Ninja Addicts, Thrifted Finds and Dirty Laundry There are so many to choose from.... these are my absolute favorites!

3 - what did you do last night?? ~ Last night was an AWESOME night! My boyfriend and I ordered Qdoba and ate it while watching Mad Men! LOVE!

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, ~ Kevin Spacey.... by now, many on the internet know this.... I'm not ashamed! I've loved him since Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Yummy!!! Oh, and Bruce Springsteen..... oh my that man could sing me to sleep every night!! I do like older men if you haven't noticed.... hehe ;) ;) ;)

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, ~ Yuppers!! I have two tats.... a dragonfly on my ankle and a lower back (AKA tramp stamp) one of a butterfly with tribal designs on each side of it. I plan on getting more for sure! They are so addicting! I also have two piercings that aren't visible to anyone..... you figure it out! ;) ;)

6 - wal-mart or target?? ~ Target!!! At least for their clothes, purses, panties, bras, shoes and makeup. Wal-Mart works for most other things. I like the Target near me much better than the Wal-Mart. The clerks are much nicer there as well.

7 - tell me something random about yourself ~ Secretly I am obsessed with politics. I only recently voted for the first time in my life believe it or not! I check out books from the library on politics and the various elections in the past. I also subscribe to several blogs, RSS feeds, etc. My boyfriend checks out the books for me, because I don't want my friends to know how obsessed I really am!!

8 - in which era do you belong?? ~ LOL, every quiz I ever have taken on this puts me in the 1970's.... I can totally see this too!!!

9 - first kiss?? ~ Wish I could say it was good... it wasn't. He wasn't any good to me, but then again, I doubt he thought I was any better! Luckily he was my best friend, so he probably didn't care! Neither one of us knew what to do with our tongues, and I swear I have teeth that still bear the chips from us bumping teeth! Ouch!

1 - where do you live?? Gilbert, Arizona

2 - favorite etsy shop?? Ninja Addicts, of course! And Design By Diana.

3 - what did you do last night?? ummm...same old weeknight ritual getting the kids fed, bathed, read to, and into bed. then i watched glee for the first time ever. got room in the viewing schedule now that lost is over.

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, after 20 years i still think the hubs is a hottie. top of my celebrity "freebie" list is taye diggs, has been ever since he was in "how stella got her groove back". and i'm getting to get to be a diry old lady. a couple of the boys from "big time rush" are eyebrow-poppers and damn! taylor lautner makes me all gooey. i'm still team edward on paper but team jacob on the big screen. mm mm good.

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, i have a crescent moon with a kanji for "strength" on my bicep. even though the two things make one tattoo the image meanings are mutually exclusive. someday when i have disposable income again i plan on a few more.

6 - wal-mart or target?? target all the way!!!!! i love that little dog Bullseye!!!!!

7 - tell me something random about yourself - i'm a control freak when it comes to driving. i must drive. i'm ambidextrous (although since i don't practice writing with my left hand, the handwriting's legible but ugly. i can do most other things with both hands, though). i can say the abc's just as fast backwards as forwards. (and no, i didn't learn it for sobriety tests!) so would that be my zyx's? i'm double jointed and very bendy (channeling phoebe here). i can bend my thumb BACK to touch the top of my wrist. i once had a personal trainer convinced there was something wrong with his flexibility test because i tested so flexible. i'm just as *&#!%$@ salty as any sailor out there!

8 - in which era do you belong?? the end of the 60s. it was ok to be a strong woman while staying home with the kids.

9 - first kiss?? the best feeling there is. eye-closing, breath-catching, stomach-swooping bliss. wish i could get another one.

1 - where do you live?? Oregon! I love it here. Perfect mix of mountains/ocean/city. I'm originally from Cali though(you can tell by my accent lol) and I also grew up in Wyoming. I have a wonderful mix going on.

2 - favorite etsy shop?? dirty laundry and thrifted finds

3 - what did you do last night?? We went out of town to visit my husband's side of the family. Had dinner and then played with my nieces and nephew.

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, Of course! My hubby S. is BEAUTIFUL!! Black hair, green eyes, long eyelashes, olive skin..... *bliss* =) As far as "celebrity crush" always have to go with Brad Pitt. It's been on going since 6th grade hahaha

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, Yes, I have a large tribal on my back that I drew up myself. There will be many more to come.

6 - wal-mart or target?? Well.... I like target but we don't have any near by so we end up at wal mart alot.

7 - tell me something random about yourself. I'm the queen of weird random things lol. When I asked S this question he couldn't even pick just one, so here's a few.... I turn on the washing machine for noise because I can't stand silence, I gave birth naturally, I have a scar on my leg from a car window exploding, I'm half Mexican(even though I don't look like it and very few believe it) I would rather be barefoot even though I'm obsessed with shoes( told you I was a Cali girl =)

8 - in which era do you belong?? 40's, 50's, or 60's

9 - first kiss??Kindergarten. His name was Sergio. He kissed me back. =)

1 - where do you live?? Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

2 - favorite etsy shop?? Well, Pink Ninja Addicts, of course! LOL!!! But also PinkyNoodle, 30one, and prettylittlestudio.

3 - what did you do last night?? Watched my son's first dance recital!!! His ballet class did "Someday My Prince Will Come" and he was the Prince, of course! He was FABULOUS!!! Such a proud mama! And his costume was ADORABLE - a hot pink polka dot bow tie with a blue velvet top and black dance pants.

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, Tre Cool...the drummer from Green Day. Totally in LOVE since soph. year of HS. The Bad Boy in black guyliner gets me EVERY time!!!

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,,No, but my 3 yr old insists on applying a temporary tattoo to me every day, does that count?

6 - wal-mart or target?? Oh, definitely Target!!!

7 - tell me something random about yourself I'm a vegetarian...I once had to have stitches after getting bitten on the ankle by a dolphin...I got arrested in Germany for speeding on the Autobahn (that whole thing about no speed limits is a little misleading)...

8 - in which era do you belong?? This one. Not sure if how I would do without the a/c, car, scrap supplies, internet, etc.

9 - first kiss?? OK, I was 5 yrs old, in kindergarten and crushing on this guy named Joe. So, at recess, I walked up to him and kissed him smack on the lips. Well, apparently he was still in his "girls are icky" phase (boys are so immature) and he told the teacher on me. I got in trouble! My crush was SO over.

1 - where do you live?? I live and love in Alberta, Canada

2 - favorite etsy shop?? sweetfindings4you

3 - what did you do last night?? had a nice glass of wine with a dear friend of mine, we talked about the stupid things that we did in our past and laughed til we cried.

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, hmmm, I don't really have a crush on anyone at the moment. That only gets me into trouble.

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, yup, I have two dragons on my back, a charm bracelet around my ankle with a cross, a heart and a ruby drop with the name RED in it. 13 stars on my feet.

6 - wal-mart or target?? I don't have Targets around where I live, I wish... so Walmart it is.

7 - tell me something random about yourself. I have a thing for bees, I love them. They make me very happy.

8 - in which era do you belong?? This one is easy. 1950's all the way!!!

9 - first kiss?? ICK, It was grade nine, Christmas dance and there was this boy named Sean that walked right over to me and pretty much slimed my face. I hid in the girls locker room all night after that, because I was scared he was going to do it again. The worst kiss ever.

1. where do you live??,, I live in Anderson, Indiana. I was actually born and raised here, left the state to study architecture at college, and came back a year later to marry my husband.

2. favorite etsy shop??,,Two of my favorite etsy shops where I like to go for inspiration are: KelleyStreetVintage, VintageJane and mine if I ever get it up and running!!

3. what did you do last night?,,Last night my hubby made burgers on the grill and then we started painting the living room after the kiddos went to bed.

4. do you have a crush??,,we wanna know more,, I have a crush on my hubby when I actually get time to stop and notice him and those green eyes!! LOVE those eyes! But, as far as like a celebrity crush, I'd have to say Channing Tatum...yummy!

5. are you tatted?,,if yes, share,,I have two tattoos right is a butterfly and it's on my hip bone. I got that one when I first came home from college and got engaged and my hubby and I went to both get tattoos together...very sweet! :) My second one is a butterfly and flowers ankle bracelet around my left ankle and I really LOVE's very swirly and pretty and it's just perfect for me! I'm actually planning my third right now but it may be a little while until I actually get it because I have to plan out the perfect tattoo!

6. wal-mart or target?,, I love Target and all of their products the best, but I usually end up at Wal-Mart for their prices and groceries.

7. tell me something random about yourself,,,Hmmmmm, let me see.........maybe that I'm actually thrilled that I never finished architecture because although you get to be incredibly creative in school, you don't actually get to apply any of that creativity on the job!

8. what era do you belong in?,,,I think that I'd totally be happy in theearly 60's....housewives, cute aprons,small town living, no chain stores,records, soda shops, the list goes on and on!!

9. first kiss,,, My first kiss was when I was a seventh grader and I was at my first boy/girl party at a friends house. An eighth grade boy that I didn't really like, but I didn't dislike him either, had been talking to me most of the night and without warning just leaned in and kissed me!! All I saw were two lips heading straight for me with no time to react...but hey, that's why we all look back and laugh, right?! :)

1 - where do you live??I live in The Lone Star State a.k.a. Texas but am originally from lil' ol' Hawaii.

2 - favorite etsy shop??2M2M = too many to mention

3 - what did you do last night??

I watched my 11-year old daughter perform a Tahitian dance with her Hula Halau for a Hawaiian Restaurant's Grand Opening. It was awesome!

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,,

Hmm.....I'm married so the only legal crush I can have would be for my husband. I can honestly say that I still get butterflies when he looks at me with those googly eyes. Off the record.....I have been crushing over Actor Josh Hartnett since I was a teen.

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,,

Yup! I gave birth naturally 4 times because I'm afraid of needles. Yet, I have 5 tattoos. LOL They are all on my back-side though. I got my very first tat on my 18th Birthday just because I could. It's on the back of my neck and it's a small Chinese butterfly symbol. My sisters and I have an "insect nickname thing" and I am the butterfly. My 2nd tat is on my upper back and is of a butterfly with a tigers face in the wings. I also got a tramp stamp -or- a tat on my lower backside with my first borns name "Deja" above a tribal symbol. The last couple of tats I got are a bit embarrassing.....when I was younger and stupid I had an ex bf's name tatted on my married and covered it up with a full bloom rose. Yes people.....I have a big @$$ flower on my behind!

6 - wal-mart or target??

Target for fashion and Walmart for food.

7 - tell me something random about yourself

I get dizzy when I pull out white hairs from my head. I don't wanna show any signs of aging and so whenever I see these obvious signs I feel like I'm going to faint, literally!

8 - in which era do you belong??

I SO belong in the Pin-Up Girl Era!

9 - first kiss??

All I remember was these pair of lips coming at me and slobber. Ewe! Gross! It was totally unexpected and I was only 14 years old.

loves~nely & ally


Lynnette Davis said...

WOOHOO! SO excited about this! Coincidentally my 2 boys start Karate tonight.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Woooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!! CONGRATS everyone!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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Christina said...

i'm feeling VERY blessed to be a part of the ninja team again!! thank you ladies!!!

Sweet Escape said...

Ahhhhh yeah!!!!,,,so excited about this!!,,,love all my ninjas!!!,,,so happy to have you girls on board!!!,,,we are gonna rock the rest of the year like no other!!!!:-))

Heidi said...

woooohoooo!!!! so excited to still be a part of this most awesome community of amazing, amazingly creative people!!!! LOVE reading all the randoms. so much fun!!!!! thank you NINJA MASTERS for putting up with me again.

Sarah Mullanix said...

soooooo excited to be a ninja and am totally looking forward to all of the awesome projects coming up!

Anonymous said...

welcome back ninjas!
a big welcome to the newest ninjas!

i cannot wait to see what you all have in store for us :)


Alejandra said...

Congratas to all!! What an amazing team!!!

allyson joy said...

Oh snap - what an amazing line up of talent!!!! Welcome and welcome back ladies,,, we selected you because you are so talented and amazing, can wait to start seeing your work!!!

allyson joy said...

Oh and P.S. It was soooooooooo hard picking!!! We guy amazing, amazing talent that applied,,
and Nely - I have a crush on Wednesdays too!!! Can't wait to see you tonight cutie pie!!!!

Maggi said...

Congrats to the new team!

Myia Shantrice said...

Congratulations ladies! Awesome team!

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Scrapamum said...

Congrats Ninjas!!!! Can't wait to see what is in store!!!

Nay and Gilly said...

Have fun Ninjas, I know I did Gilly ox

Emily said...

So super happy to be a Ninja again with my favorite gals!!!


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