Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prompt #41~swap,,,,

Im so excited about this prompt!!!,,,this time around we decided to do a swap!!,,,that's right!,,we traded pics and made layouts for each other!!,,,so fun right?!,,,so trade pics with your besties and make some layouts for them!!!
*speaking of besties,,,ahem, my bestie ally is celebrating her big 30 in August!!!,,to celebrate we are throwing her a shindig where we scrapbook pictures of her throughout her life,,so we thought it would be fun to incorporate everyone that we have met via blog world!!!,,,we love all of you, and she would love to own a piece of your art!!,,i will send you pics and you can make a layout for her!!!,,,so fun!!! if you are interested, please email me at I will email you some sweet pictures of her and all the fun details!!!

now, check out our rad swap,,,


Christina said...

these are ALL soooo cool!!! it's rad how different we all are, but still love eachother a ton!

Heidi said...

these are all amazing!!!!!!!! this was a lot of fun!

Mo said...

this was so very fun!!! awesome work Ninjas!

Sarah Mullanix said...

everyone did such an amazing job!!

Toni said...

They all turned out pretty darn awesome!!

allyson joy said...

I just adore you ladies like crazy - you all nailed this prompt - like always!!!! I can't even pick a favorite!!! You ladies are perfection!!!!
{xoxo} Ally

mommaof3 said...

My first tyme coming across your blog. and its amazing. amazing layouts

PaperCameraScissor said...

how cool! I have done this before with my bestie and I loved being able to scrap pics besides my own.

I would love to scrap Ally can we just copy a pic off her blog or do I need to email you?

Leigh said...

had blst doing a page swap with the lovely jamie!

to check out my page of her, see my blog here:

and to see Jamies page of me, check out her blog here:


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