Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prompt #44~feliz cumpleanos,,,,

feliz cumpleanos!!!,,,today is your birthday!!,,bring out all those rad birthday pics you have and come play this challenge with us!!!,,,please link your layout in the comments section so we can give you cool ninja comments!!!,,we love you all!!

today we are featuring a guest pink ninja!!!,,,because we want everyone to be a pink ninja,,cuz it's seriously the best feeling in the world!!!,,,check out ninja natalie's rad layout and get to know her a little more,,,

1 - where do you live?? Born in Scotland moved to Derby, England 5 years ago.
2 - favorite etsy shop?? aside from yours.... there are loads but damn customs stops me from shopping on them!! I do love My Little Bit Of Whimsy!
3 - what did you do last night?? I am in the middle of a massive clear out, so i was tidying most of the evening then i watched some A Team episodes on DVD.
4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,, Happy in a relationship.....but if Dave Navarro or Johnny Depp were to walk by.... :)
5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,, I am and i have two on my left arm. I have a Rose from the front cover of Generation Terrorists by MSP (minus the writing). This was a dare to see who could get tatted first. I was 14 and I won :) The other one is a dolphin i designed myself pretty and colourful.
6 - wal-mart or target?? Target??? We have wal-mart here and it's called Asda and I love shopping there as i can get food, my work clothes and my son's school uniform all in one shop and I can do it at 3am so it's not busy :)
7 - tell me something random about yourself.... I love to box.
8 - in which era do you belong?? The 70's punk era.
9 - first kiss?? I was young, we are still good friends but he lives so far away :(


check out what the pink ninjas made:


love~the pink ninjas!!!


A Sarasota said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Christina said...

Sooo rad!! that's how we roll ;D

Heidi said...

Awesome! (p.s. Happy Birthday again Ally!)

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Ninja Ally! Hope you had a great weekend!

Natalie said...

ps. thanks for having me :) xx

Sweet Escape said...

ladies!!,,you blow me away!!,,i love you all so much!!,,natalie,,thanks for being a ninja!!!

Emily said...

I love Natalies layout!! Everyone did an awesome job for sure!

Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

So much fabulous inspiration here!


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