Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our first ninja star baby,,, meet michelle,,,

michelle ~ aka twisted soda *whats your favorite word??
Kooky, I love the word KOOKY. I guess it I love it cause its a playful word and it makes me laugh.
* if they were to make a movie about you, who would play you??
Katherine Hepburn. She's saucy, she speaks her mind, she's a crazy romantic, loyal, loving and she got to hang out with Howard Huges. Now talk about eccentric!
* britney spears or gwen steffani??
Haha, this has GOT to be your question Ally! Definitely Gwen Stefani. 2 words SHE ROCKS everything...okay 3 words
* favorite drink??
Dr. Pepper and a shot of Jagermeister. Not together, gross.
* have you ever shoplifted?
Nope, too honest. It would have bothered me for weeks.
* whats your sign?
Capricorn baby. Although it really has some points that I don't agree with but I am definitely a hard worker, I guess I am pretty patient as well, people say I have a 'twisted' sense of humour as well...hence the name twistedsoda
* have any cool scars??
I have a good one on my right knee. I was pretending to walk the 'tight rope' on a chain link fence when I was 5. I got about 6 feet when I lost my balance and fell on the metal wires on top. I was hanging there for about 10 minutes before anyone found me. It was gross, I cried alot and got in sooooooooo much trouble.
* when you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up??
I wanted to be a librarian. I loved books, I loved the silence, I even got a volunteer job in elementary for a couple of years in the school library. All I did all day was look at books. I think I blame all of that on a very vivid imagination.
* whats your fashion style??
Business by day but after work I have a crazy wardrobe, I love those funky 50's style dresses, retro tshirts with crazy logos on it. My favorite is an old double bubble chewing gum one. The logo is completely peeling off but its my favorite tshirt ever.
* whats you favorite type of music??
I love all types of music but I would have to say Jazz, blues, martini lounge music. Coldplay, all the way down to Johnny Cash. I have EVERYTHING on my IPOD. I have bunch of musicians in my family and get togethers were always a song and dance. I never did learn how to play an instrument. Suits me fine, I don't need another addiction.
*who inspires you??
Anyone who really doesn't follow the rules. Creative people trully inspire me, be it with writing, painting, scrapbooking, if you can make a sculpture out of a soup can, you definitely got my attention.
* were you a trouble maker as a youngster??
Actually I was always really quiet and shy. I was the kid that nobody really paid much attention to. I didn't like to cause any waves. Man, have I changed. I still don't like being the center of attention but once I feel comfortable with a situation, watch out!
* tell me something random about yourself
I love bees. Yes, some of you might think they are scarey but I love the sound, I can spend hours watching the little beasts fly from flower to flower. I was raised on a bee farm, the smell of clover and wood smoke takes me back to a beautiful place.

come back tomorrow to see what her prompt was for us!!
love, ally


ally serrato said...

love getting to know you better sista!!!

Christina said...

Kooky, Hepburn, books & Johnny Cash!?!? You rock Michelle!!

Gloria said...

So happy to be in this awsome group with you...love that picture its crazy pretty...

Sweet Escape said...

Oh yea! gwen stefani in the house!!~you are now one of my favorite people!! :-)

Emily said...

Like Ally said, great getting to know you! you have very eclectic taste! Love it!

Carrie said...

Great to get to know you better, Michelle.....it is so cool that you were raised on a bee farm :)

Pearl said...

love all these fun nuggets about you , Michelle !

wow on growing up on a bee farm !!!

Heidi said...

So much fun reading all about you! I would love to hang out with you for a night!!

Krystie said...

So so so FRICKIN' cool!! Sorry, kids in the room....NOT that they are reading this! heheh

Ki Kruk said...

That's my girl....the coolest of the cool!

pigmentations said...

love those tidbits about you, michelle! :)



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