Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prompt #22~Costumes,,,

time for dress up~

team katana

ninja master nely



team nunchukus




love~ninja master nely!!


PaperCameraScissor said...

this is a great prompt just wish I had some pics of me in a pics from my childhood and I already scrapped ones from when i was a young and crazy chic living in Pittsburgh.

maybe scrap my kids---trick or treat is Thursday!

Emily said...

Hehe... these are so funny! All of them are great!! Nely as Gwen is AWESOME!!

Christina said...

love these! Cheech and Chong!! OMG that's awesome!!!

Amy said...

They all look great, but Nely as Gwen.... dude!

Carrie said...

Halloween is so much fun!!! Great layouts everyone!

Brandy said...

These are WAY cool, girls!!!

Heidi said...

These are AWESOME!!!

Scrappy Witch said...

Too too cool! Nely you look just like Gwen! great costume and layout!


Gloria said...

Lots of really fu layouts...but Gwen just blew me away ...I love it...Nell you made a perfect Gwen.

Sweet Escape said...

thanks girlies for all your sweet comments!!!..being gwen has been one of my fave costumes!!

ally serrato said...

another prompt rocked out by you ladies ~ love ~ and heidi ~ thanks for the inspiration, next month we have a 30th birthday party to go to and we are suppose to come as a movie star,,, looks like i might have to {ahome} borrow this bit!!!! love!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :)


rachel said...

I played along. yippee.

Sweet Momiji said...

Awesome prompt, Ninjas!

Here is my costume!

Hollie@ Momiji's Madness

twistedsoda said...

wow, cheech and chong...I am so cracking up. Wicked LO's & Wicked costumes, I have to steal some of these ideas for next year!

Jami said...

Love these pics. Amazing los. Here is what I came up with. The pic is my daughter Shelby & her friend.


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