Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prompt #37~what's your stilo,,,,,

happy wednesday!!!,,here's your newest inspiration,

prompt: what's your stilo,,,this means "style"
technique: crepe paper
pink twist: paper

soooo, we, at pink ninja headquarters get fun emails about rad people wanting to be pink ninjas, and although we would like to have everyone, we can' we decided to do something fun and let someone be a pink ninja for a day!! we bring you Vicki!!,,read all her fun tidbits and check out her layout below!,,,and show her lots of love!!!

*due the 2nd of may ~ stilo is the prompt ~ use crepe paper ~ pink twist paper,,, - my style, i used white crepe paper underneath the vine and the prima paper is mostly pink!!!!

*Whats your favorite word? LOVE...... that's my favourite word, i love most things!! hehe.

*If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Kate Winslet or Drew Barrymore - both amazing actresses who can play ANY part.

*britney spears or gwen stefani? Gwen Stefani - i love her style

*favorite drink? diet coke - i hate normal coke

*have you ever shoplifted? - when i was little i did alot, with my sisters!! LOL

*what's your sign? cancer - i'm crabby!!! hehe.

*have any cool scars? i don't have scars, but i have a banana shaped birthmark on my finger and my gran has an identical one

*when you were a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? mostly a nurse or a policewoman

*what's your fashion style? very relaxed, but very me - i don't copy others, i wear what's comfortable for me and what i look good in

*who inspires you? lots of people, i don't really draw inspiration from one single person!!!

*whats your favorite type of music? anything and everything - right now I love Lady Gaga

*were you a trouble maker as a youngster? not at all

*tell me something random about yourself? i cannot eat peas with sausages - it's weird!!!

and here is what our rad design team created!!

loves~the pink ninjas


Vicki said...

thank you so much for letting me be a Pink Ninja for the day - i've so enjoyed creating. I love what the DT created too - fab prompt xxx

Nay and Gilly said...

LOve all the LO's girls!

Jocelyn said...

How awesome is this Challenge!!! rocked these LO's!!! Just adore all of you!!!

Emily said...

Vicki, your work is fabulous!!! I'm so happy you joined us for this prompt!! You rocked it girly!!!! And to the other ninjas... LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Christina said...

VICKI!! Wooohoo!!!! so cool you got to hang with us, so fun!
Ladies, ladies, these are all so rad!

Heidi said...

Vicki! So great to have you as a Ninja for the day! Everything about your l/o is awesome! Esp. that adorable pic!!!!

All the Ninja babes rocked this one again!!!! So honored to be included among you.

Mo said...

vicki welcome! thanks for playing with us ninja girls!!!! i'm giggling about the peas and sausage...too funny!

wow ninjas, these layouts were crazy cool!


Beth said...

Love love love it! Love everyone's projects..especially Christina's and those pics of her rocking those awesome headbands! :D

Myia Shantrice said...

So cool! A Pink Ninja for a day!!!! Love the layouts and the challenge!

Sweet Escape said...

Vicki, thanks for being a pink ninja for the day!!..we loved having you!!..and to all my girlies,,,you all did an awesome job!!..loved them!!


Alejandra said...

I really love your blog since lot of time, but this is my first time participing. Hope you enjoy!!

kanishk said...

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