Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rad things happening,,,,

Hiiiiii!!!!,,,,so we at pink ninja headquarters have put our brains together once again and have decided that we want to make everyone of you part of our pink ninja family!!!,,,what we want, is for you to help us be blog authors for the pink ninjas art walk.!!!, right??!! we love all of our followers, so what better way than to share our world with you!!! now you can totally upload your own layouts or projects that you have created using our inspirations!!,,,rad, right?!!! soooo,,,all that being said, this is what you do,,,,you leave a comment with your email address and we will add you as an author!!,,simple as that,,,we are super excited to be doing this! we love you all and want to share our world with you!!

love~nely & ally


Jocelyn said...

How cool is this!!! Here is mine!~~

Have a great weekend girls!!

Alison said...

Totally exciting! You chicks rock!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Ya'll are brave......LOL.

Leigh said...

this is GRAET idea! :)
im at

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK! we will be able to post our own challenges here and the kit creations on the pink ninja addicts? do i have this right? if i do then i would love to be a part of this one too!

oh and of course when we create for both they should be using the kit? yes? :)


kanishk said...

Have a great weekend girls!!
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