Wednesday, June 3, 2009

prompt #1 ~ allow us to introduce ourselves,,,,

as we get closer and closer to the tail end of our design team call, nely and i wanted to introduce ourselves,,,
name ~ ally ~ heeeyyyy,,,
what size do you scrapbook? ~ 12 X 12 and 8 1/2 X 11 {but 8 1/2 X 11 is my fav, fav}
1 page or 2? ~ both ~ but as of late, mostly 1 page
something you want to purchase... badly ~ this, this, these, and something from here
where do you find your inspiration? ~ music, papers, fabrics, childrens movies,,,
what's your favorite scrapbooking color? pink ~ by a mile, actually fuchsia, but i gotta throw a shout out to turquoise and black too, they are close runners up,,,
one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~ seeing how you all love our little inspiration blog!!! i hope you do so badly!!! :-D
what makes your style *your style* ~ i looooove adding random elements, flair is my most recent fav, but this layout {below} i added some random vinyl applique and i think is wicked!! ohh, and i loooove adding tons and tons of layers!!
favorite song of the week? ~ lady gaga *lets dance* {yes still,,,, its such a fun song}!!!
ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus ~ nanchukus ~ because *this is the second time ive had to ride through this neighborhod without my nanchukus* {name that show} :-D
also ~ we now have a flickr group ~ join us ~ grow with us!!! needless to say ~ the pool is empty, but my layout will be up later today and feel free to introduce yourselves to us ~ show us you layout stilo ~ the colors you love, techniques you adore, starting now ~ please play along with us!! share your link if youd like to :-D
love, ninja ally :-D

name ~ Nely...aka: nelsters
what size do you scrapbook? ~
mostly 12x12 and some 81/2x11

1 page or 2? ~
usually 1..very rarely will I do 2.

something you want to purchase... badly ~ oooohhh...a really fancy camera!! One day!

where do you find your inspiration? ~, japanese animation, clothing, paper..anything really!!!

whats your favorite scrapbooking color? ~
I love pink, green, black, and brown!

one thing you are looking forward to this week? ~
getting some layouts done!! haven't really had a chance!!!

what makes your style *your style*? ~
I don't really think I have a more of a go with the flo and whats in style at the moment kind of gal!! I'm trying to branch out and try new things!!

favorite song of the week? ~
4 in the morning..gwen the melody!!

ninja weapon of choice ~ bo staff, katana swords, sais, nanchakus
~ definitely would have to be katana i can slice and dice!!!
love, us [the pink ninjas}


Christina said...

thanks for sharing some stuff about you guys!!
P.S. Nely- I realllllly want a rad fancy new camera too, it's defentely on my list for my bday this summer :D

Maggi said...

Those are fab layouts and I love the little interviews too!

Toni said...

Greay layouts ,, and girls ,, love your answers!!!!

Euphoria said...

You two ROCK! Your interviews were so RAD!!! funny girls!

ally serrato said...

christina ~ maggie ~ toni ~ jess
thank YOU!!!
{xoxo} pink ninja ally :-D

Anonymous said...

Is the answer "Napoleon Dynamite?"

ally serrato said...

ohhhh, thats a really good guess ~ but no,,, try again???
{xoxo} ally

TonyaA said...

Great Pages!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,

jodie said... this looks cool and right up my alley...can't wait to see what's coming...will definitely be playing along :)jodie

Dawn said...

Love it! I was thinking Napoleon Dynamite too!

A Sweet Escape said...

oh ally!! i know!! Super bad!!! with McLovin!!! and its the cop that has the nanchukus..right?? or wrong?? Oh i hope im right!!!

ally serrato said...

alright ~ alright ~ its the HBO show entourage ~ a great, great show!!!


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