Wednesday, June 24, 2009

prompt #4 ~ jacked face,,,,

dude ~ weve all got those crazy pictures ~ we wanna see em ~ cmon,,, share em,,, here is what we came up with,,,
heather adrienne

p.s. this is gonna be funnnny,,, i can feel it,,,,,

love, pink ninja ally


Inkster said...

now i have to go clean up the coffee i spit all over the screen LOL these jacked faces are AWESOME...whats even more awesome? THE LAYOUTS holy bring it ladies! You have broughten it lol

Emily said...

LMFAO!! These are hilarious!! OMG, I about choked! We rock!

Ninja Em

Christina said...

good job ladies!! it's good to know that we all have some crazy jacked up faces!!

ally serrato said...

these are rad chickys!!!

Toni said...

LOL ,,, freakin hilarious!!!!

Adrienne said...

OMG Hooooow funny! Shaina your LO made me LOL literally!! Go us! :D We rocked this shizzzz. :D

twistedsoda said...

I need more time in my day! I so have to get this one done on Sunday. PS YES you can use my LO what kind of ninja am thrilled!!!

Carrie said...

Great job girlies!...I LOVE a good giggle fit!

Heidi said...

Oh my GAWD these are hilarious!! God knows I have my share of jacked up pictures. I'm going to try to participate in this one. Maybe I'll get it in in a timely manner, too. I just today posted for the 6/17 prompt. Better late than never, eh?


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